Ethiopia PM, Abiy Ahmed leads army in Tigray war

Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia Prime Minister leads army in Tigray war

Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed Ali released a statement that he would lead the army in Tigray conflict

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Abiy Ahmed has called on his colleague African leaders and all Ethiopians to come together to help Ethiopians fight this war. Here’s what is happening to the Ethiopian Prime Minister after he won Nobel Peace Prize in November last year Ethiopia: Abiy Ahmed in trouble after winning Nobel Peace Prize

War escalated months after he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

“I call on all who love Africa to stand by me from now on. I will go to the battlefield to fight the proxy war waged by foreign powers” The Prime Minister tweeted

As war intensifies between TPLF and the government of Ethiopia, the United Nations, America and other foreign powers have been calling for an inclusive dialogue, asking Abiy Ahmed and the TPLF to ceasefire. All efforts to achieve that proved futile.

About 16 local workers of the United Nations were detained days ago by the Ethiopian government. Ethiopia detains 16 United Nations workers in Addis Ababa

Before they were detained, the government had expelled UN officials from Ethiopia, saying the officials were meddling in the country’s domestic affairs Ethiopia expels 7 top UN officials for meddling in its internal affairs

While many Ethiopians side with their Prime Minister, some say this is pure crime against humanity because the war has caused havoc on the people of Ethiopia, especially the Tigray people. Many girls have been raped in the process, including pregnant women. Lives have also been lost.

“We’re with you Abiy. Millions of us are with you Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the leader of a proud black nation. We’re proud of our PM and wholeheartedly support his decision. Haters of Ethiopia do not like to see such a leader in Africa, hence they keep plotting” one Ethiopia on twitter (@BekeleWoyecha) tweeted

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The prime minister believe world super powers are in the process to destroy Ethiopia

“The campaign Ethiopia is a conspiracy to undermine the history, culture, identity and dignity of Black people and humiliate them by subduing their symbol of freedom” Abiy Ahmed stated

But Meaza, a Tigrayan who is also an International Relationship Specialist believe her side has agreed to ceasefire.

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