EU imposes more sanctions on Russia over war in Ukraine

The European Union (EU)imposed more sanctions on Russia over the war in Ukraine on Thursday after the coalition’s 27 individuals upheld measures that include a ban on gold imports and more tight export controls on some high-innovation goods.

EU imposes more sanctions on Russia over war in Ukraine

European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said the “built up, delayed EU sanctions against the Kremlin” send “areas of strength for a to Moscow: we will save the tension high however long it takes.”

The EU has depicted the new round of sanctions as minor changes and planned to align its actions to responsibilities from worldwide accomplices. Any ban on Russian gas imports, which are as yet a life saver to a large number of the EU’s juggernaut businesses, isn’t getting looked at.

EU officials worked most of the week to fix the coalition’s broad package of sanctions on Russia and took a gander at ways of including a ban on gold exports, trusting the actions could begin to unequivocally affect the war in Ukraine.

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On Thursday, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell had the option to say, “We are really banning Russia’s most critical product after energy – Russian gold.”

The Group of Seven leading industrial countries focused on a gold ban last month, contending that Russia has utilized its gold to back up its cash and bypass the effect of prior sanctions countries all over the world imposed after the Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine.

The EU likewise fixed the noose on sanctioned people, frequently oligarchs near Russian President Vladimir Putin.

They presently need to officially declare where they have resources in the EU so the property can be frozen. The EU expressed declining to do so could lead to criminal charges and allegations and seizure of the resources.

On Monday, the EU chose to help military aid to Ukraine with € 500 million

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