EU launch Creatives Unite platform to help young citizens distinguish between news and disinformation

EU launch Creatives Unite platform for its young citizens. The education platform was launched under the auspices of Gabriel Mariya.

who is Gabriel Mariya?

She is the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education, Youth and Sports.

The Creatives Unite platform is in quest to assist young citizens who are creative in knowing the difference between real news and misinformation.

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Gabriel Mariya said false stories spread more quickly than real stories. And the platform will help them know which content is false and which is authentic.

“False stories spread 6 times faster than true stories. Only 53% of 15years old in the European Union reported being told how to detect whether information is subjective or biased. We need ro help our young people from the earliest age to be able to critically evaluate what they see online. Digital literacy helps young people build knowledge, attitude and skills to enable them to critically access online content”

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Who is Gabriel Mariya

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