EU to sanction leader of Russian orthodox church Patriarch Kirill

Pope Francis says the leader wants to be Putin’s alter boy

The European Union is set to sanction leader of Russian orthodox church Patriarch Kirill

The European Commission has proposed sanctioning leader of Russian orthodox church Patriarch Kirill. President of European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen said the European Commission believe Patriarch Kirill is “among the mouthpieces that amplifiers Putin’s lies and propaganda aggressively”

The European Commission has today presented its sixth package of sanctions. The sanctions include ban on Russian oil and gas. Read more:European Union agree to ban Russian oil, eyes Africa, Russian state Bank Sberbank, ban on three Russian state owned media houses, and high ranking military officers who were in charge of Bucha massacre. Read more:What is the world saying about Russia’s atrocities in Bucha?

Russian orthodox church leader Patriarch Kirill in a live video said “Russia has never attacked anyone”

Watch video below

He have been granting interviews, defending Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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In a recent conversation Pope Francis had with the leader, he told him “he cannot become Putin’s alter boy”. The leader of the Catholic faith told said “brother, we are not state clerics, we cannot use the language of politics but that of Jesus”

Responding to Pope Francis, the church described his comment as “regrettable”

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