European economic relations with Africa is continuation of colonialism – MP Clare Daly

Africa is the richest continent – Clare Daly said

Member of European Parliament Clare Daly has revealed that the African continent has been faced with unfair trade with Europe

The maverick Member of the European Parliament Clare Daly was speaking on the floor of the house when she made these observations. She revealed the economic relationship Europe continue to have with Africa is continuation of colonialism.

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Clare Daly believe Africa is undoubtedly the richest continent in the world but Africans have been deprived of the fruits of their land and labour by unfair trade policies by European countries and “illicit capital flights into the Western banks and by multinational corporations allowed off the leash by Washington, London and Brussels” she said of June 23, 2022 on the topic of report on EU Africa trade policy.

“The truth is its a million miles from the reality of EU Africa trade policy. Our economic relations with Africa are simply a continuation of European colonialism, perpetuating exploitation by other means. Africa trades more with Europe than it does with itself. It is portrayed as a poor continent but its actually the richest” she said

She also emphasized how the EU Africa trade policy continue to negatively affect Africans, subjecting many civilians to abject poverty.

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“Africa is the richest. Its just that the people there are denied the fruits of their lands and labour by unequal economic relations, by unfair trade rules” she said, revealing it will only take a revolution to change that.

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