European Parliament declares Russia a state of sponsor of terrorism

Russian Federation has officially been declared a state of sponsor of terrorism by EU

The European Parliament have today adopted a resolution, declaring Russia a state of sponsor of terrorism. Russian Federation invasion of Ukraine on February 24th has disorganised the people of Ukraine. Tens of thousands have fled the country since the war begun. President Zelensky had earlier accused Russia of causing pain and terror to his people so this decision by European Parliament is absolutely good news to him and to the people of Ukraine, and is also a step forward to making sure justice is served.

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There have been countless reports of Russian soldiers committing several atrocities and crimes against humanity. In some villages, children and women have been raped and killed. Mass graves have also been discovered in some villages, including Bucha, Izyum, Kramatorsk and other villages.

494 deputies in European Parliament today voted in favour of the resolution. 44 however abstained while 58 were against it.

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Russia sponsor of terrorism

Russian Yevgeny Prig Prigozhin earlier proposed that European Parliament be dissolved after it pushed for Wagner group to be designated as a terrorist group.

“Following the atrocities carried out by Vladimir Putin’s regime against Ukrainian civilians, MEPs have recognised Russia as a state of sponsor of terrorism” a statement from EU said.

Meanwhile, Russian couple suggests that Ukrainian POWs be killed and slaughtered (Video)

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