Ex wife of Eugene Arhin gets 3cars, Ghs100k and 5bedroom house as divorce settlement

Marriage of Eugene Arhin, Communications Director at the presidency of Nana Akufo-Addo’s government has officially been dissolved by an Accra High Court. Few months ago his wife, now ex wife filed for divorce after she raised concerns over infidelity issues in her marriage.

Miss Assan who was his wife complained of infidelity after Mr Eugene Arhin was appointed as Director of Communications at the Presidency. They have been married for eight years. The Court dissolved the marriage and ruled today that Eugene Arhin gives her the sum of Ghs100,000 as alimony.

Months ago Miss Assan’s divorce papers leacked on social media and on the document, Gloria Assan stated that ‘the respondent, Eugene Arhin has committed adultery with one Chantel Kudjawu also known us Gertrude Gbajo’

Mr Eugene Arhin has also been ordered by the court to give Miss Gloria Assan 3 cars and a 5bedroom house

The ruling also indicates that she, Gloria Assan will keep custody of their three children but further indicated that Mr Arhin has the right to visit them anytime subjected to the notice of not less than 2 hours to Gloria Assan.

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