Father cries on his sons lifeless body in Mariupol, Ukraine

Sad picture of a father crying as his son is killed

● Father cries on his son’s lifeless body in Mariupol, Ukraine

A Ukrainian daddy is seen in pictures, crying profusely as his son is killed in Russia Ukraine war.

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. Properties are being destroyed and lives are being lost. A very tragic picture shared by a twitter user (dkaleniuk) has gone viral on the Internet. A father whose identity has not been disclosed is seen sitting on his son’s lifeless body.

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According to her, the city is under intense firing and people continue to die, especially civilians who are innocent.

“Heartbreaking πŸ’” father cries on his son’s lifeless body in Mariupol. This city is under continuous firing for three days already. How many kids should die so the world acts?” She asked, ending her post with the sad picture.

“Stop terror Russia, protect UASky” she added with a hashtag.

Reports coming from Ukraine are really scary.

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