FIFA and UEFA suspends Russian national teams and clubs from all competitions

FIFA and UEFA jointly suspends Russia from all their activities

FIFA and UEFA suspends Russian national teams and clubs from all competitions

It’s now official: news reaching can confirm the suspending of all Russian football clubs and its national teams by these big entities. All these Russian clubs will no more participate in any activity of these two football super powerful organizations until further notice.

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“Football is fully united here and in full solidarity with all the people affected in Ukraine” the statement reads.

Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Boris Johnson welcomes the sanction from both organizations, saying it was a very “powerful message from the international sporting community”

“This is a powerful message from the international sporting community that we will not telorate Putin’s abhorrent assaults on freedom and liberty. Well done. ” the prime minister said.

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“Following the initial decisions adopted by the FIFA Council and the UEFA Executive Committee, which envisaged the adoption of additional measures, FIFA and UEFA have today decided together that all Russian teams, whether national representative teams or club teams, shall be suspended from participation in both FIFA and UEFA competitions until further notice” the statement said.

FIFA and UEFA together holds very powerful positions in world football. FIFA is the biggest and the most recogized football organization in the world and UEFA arguably holds the biggest league in the world.

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