FIFA must stop African players from representing other countries – Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho loves Africa. He’s currently spending his holiday in Namibia

The special one believe the only way African countries can lift the world cup trophy is for FIFA to stop players having African origin from playing for other countries

The special one Jose mourinho says FIFA must stop African players from representing other countries in Europe and across the world, this way, the continent will have a chance of lifting the world cup.

No African country has ever lifted the world cup since it commenced several years ago.

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Jose Mourinho is one the best the world’s best coaches, who love African players and also want to give them every opportunity needed. He believe there is much potential and very talented footballers on the continent.

“I know I won’t be popular for making this statement, but FIFA should make things fair by refusing players to represent other countries, this will make FIFA tournaments even more competitive, not one sided” Jose Mourinho the special one revealed.

He continued, saying “he want the world to see that Africa is equal with everyone. Africans are not behind with talent. They have talent to win any tournament, except that most of their best players are scattered around the world, playing for other countries instead of their homelands”

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His statement has generated a lot of controversy on the Internet, with many blaming African Football Associations. They believe officials are corrupt. A good example is Kylian Mbappe’s case when his father was asked to pay in Cameroon.

However, some players are beginning to switch their nationality to play for their ancestral home countries in Africa. Lookman Ademola of Nigeria, Inaki Williams and Tariq Lamptey of Ghana have all stepped up for their African countries.

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The AS Roma coach was recently in Namibia where he spent the holidays. He also donated some items to school children and the vulnerable

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