Finland and Sweden set to join NATO in weeks after Russia invasion of Ukraine

Finland and Sweden set to join NATO


Finland and Sweden are taking steps to join NATO after Putin’s war on Ukrainian people.

Both countries have raised concerns about Russia invasion of Ukraine, and are making plans to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as soon as possible. This step is in direction to protect their countries and citizens.

The Russian Federation however is opposed to their actions, and have warned these two neighbouring countries to thread cautiously.

Spokesperson of Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov said NATO’s enlargement in the region will not bring stability to Europe.

“The alliance remains a tool geared towards confrontation” he said.

NATO is currently 30 member countries and could soon become 32 if Finland and Sweden finally join the alliance.

Russia warned the North Atlantic Treaty Organization not to engage in any future expansions of the alliance in the region but the exact opposite is happening. NATO troops are all over Russia’s Eastern flank.

Prime ministers of Finland and Sweden hours ago held a press briefing outlining plants join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Finland Prime Minister, Marin says “the difference between being a NATO partner and being a member is very clear, and will remain so. There is no other way to have security guarantees” she said. Dave Keating, American European journalist disclosed.

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Sweden Prime Minister, Magdalena said “what is happening in Finland is important to us to follow, therefore we need to have very close contacts but we need a process in Sweden to think this through. Of course there are both pros and cons with being a member of NATO” she revealed.

Many war experts say both countries are smart and are taking the right decision because Russia cannot be trusted and predictable after it invaded Ukraine.

Prime Minister of Finland was answering questions on when exactly this would happen: “it will happen quite fast, within weeks, not within months, we will have this discussion”

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