#FixTheCountry: There is forgetfulness on the side of humanbeings – President Kufuor blame Kwame Nkrumah for Ghana’s economic collapse

Former President of the Republic of Ghana, John Kufuor has blamed first President of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah for Ghana’s economic collapse. The former President in an interview with Accra FM revealed that Ghana could’ve been long better if the first President had not built so many factories.

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According to the former President, Nkrumah really made a huge mistake building factories and spent over 450million dollars of Ghana’s reserves which was in Bank of Ghana then. He noted that, the money could’ve been put to better use, like investing it just like what other third world nations did and things really turned well for them. Third world nations like Dubai, Singapore etc. and now their economies are very powerful.

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When we gained Independence, we just zoomed into industrialization. So we started building factories. That involved a lot of money. We were running, we wanted to build factories, we didn’t take time to plan. That is why the economy collapsed. There is forgetfulness on the side of humanbeings. When we have been able to fix all the problems in the country that someone will rally behind that fact to call for the nation to be fixed? we are building” Mr Kufuor said

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The ex President insists the first President was behind Ghana’s hardship right now and kicked against #fixthecountey protest, saying it’s not like there’s magic anywhere. But the only way forward is to sit down and plan very well.

“If someone comes to say fix it like there is some magic wand used in fixing the country then I will say that is party politics. We need to take our time and also plan” he told Accra FM.

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What do you make of the former President’s statement? Leave your comments and let’s keep this discussion going. Who knows, it may just bring something positive. Its always good to brainstorm, so keep your comments coming, we will respond to all

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2 thoughts on “#FixTheCountry: There is forgetfulness on the side of humanbeings – President Kufuor blame Kwame Nkrumah for Ghana’s economic collapse

  1. We ask that the systems in the country be fixed so that we will not have to blame a dead man for our difficulties. We demand accountability, we will not back down until our leaders, “those that will elected”, do what will make this nation look like what she is meant to look like.

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