Giorgio Chellini Says He’s “Ugly” That Him Being A Footballer Makes Him Have Sex With More Women

Picture of Giorgio Chellini

Giorgio Chellini, the Italian defender and the former juventus players has described himself ugly, says he is promiscuous due to his status as a footballer.

He had 599 appearances for juventus and played for 17 seasons at the club,winning nine consecutive Serie A titles.

Legendary Italian Centre back Giorgio Chellini has conceded his career as a footballer gives him the access to sleep with more women as he want despite being ‘ugly’.

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The 38 year old defender ended his decade long relationship with Juventus at the end of last season.

When asked if being a footballer has helped him sleep with more women, Chellini told Team Serie A podcast quoted by Daily Star;

“Look at me Look at how ugly I am.. yes.”

It is not the first time he has described himself as ‘ugly’ with the center back defender using the same description while recalling his formative years as a footballer.

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“I was never the best in my peers ” the centre back said in 2017. “I was like the ugly duck.

” I am not beautiful too set my eyes on me but I’m always improved on the pitch. That’s is my best skill. I am 33 but I am having one of my best ever season. There’s is no secret just passion and hardwork.

He said at his interview.

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