Former Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan survives assassination attempt (Video)

Reports reaching our desk confirmed an assassination attempt of Imran Khan

Former Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan survived an assassination attempt according to reports and people familiar with the story.

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Several Imran Khan supporters are very furious of the development. Many of them have said his assassination was carefully planned, and today was the day they thought the operation would be successfully executed. The assassination attempt leaves at least four people severally injured after gunmen open fire to kill the former Prime minister. The unfortunate incident occurred on a protest ground earlier today.

Below are some reactions

According to reports the former Prime minister was hit in the leg but survived and is currently being treated at an undisclosed hospital.

“Allah has given me another life. I will fight back Inshallah” Imran Khan said in a statement.

Here’s a video of Faisal Javed Khan who also survived the attack

He was ousted out of power months ago through a vote of no confidence. The former Prime had massive support but was disqualified in the recent elections as he’s currently facing corruption charges. It is also reported that several members of his party have been hit and have suffered various degrees of gun wounds.

Here’s a video footage

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