France confirm killing of top ISIS leader responsible for the deaths of 4 US soldiers in Africa

France confirm killing of top ISIS leader, Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi responsible for the death of US soldiers in Africa.

France said it’s drone has killed a top ISIS militant leader. French officials say the top ISIS leader is believed to have masterminded the killing of four United States soldiers in Niger in 2017 and six French aid workers in 2020.

The operation planned and carried out in August between Mali and Niger border targeted the leader of Islamic State in the Greater Sahara. France said the operation started on August 17 and ended in August 20.

Now let us elaborate a little on security issues across the world. over two decades of power struggle between the United States and the Taliban, what is the way forward?. Taliban seized power in August after the group invaded Kabul when President Biden’s administration announced it was withdrawing American troops. Here is how they were able topple Ashraf Ghani’s administration (Video) Taliban fighters topple Afghanistan troops, take over Kabul. ‘Islamic law will take over the world’ Commander

Remembering 9/11, former President Barrack Obama warned Americans to ‘never forget’that tragic incident that killed nearly 3000 people an to ‘never take these terrorists for granted’ read his statement here Let’s never forget September11 & let’s never take these terrorists for granted – Barrack Obama

Nations like china and Russia announced their embassies were open and are ready to do business with the taliban. But French foreign minister already made it clear France was not ready to recognize Taliban, citing that ‘the Taliban are lying’ read more here Taliban are lying, France won’t recognize Taliban gov’t in Afghanistan – French Foreign Minister

Former President Donald Trump said in 2017 ‘a hasty withdrawal will create a vacuum for terrorists including ISIS and al Qaeda’

(Video) A hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan will create a vacuum for terrorists, including ISIS and Al Qaeda – President Trump warned in 2017

There are reports of ISIS coming back to Afghanistan. An assistant to Osama Bin Laden was spotted weeks ago. Republican Senators have said they will want Taliban to be named a terrorist organization. Read more here US Republican Senators push to designate Taliban a foreign terrorist organization

“his death deals a decisive blow to the leadership of the Islamic State in the sahel. They will without a doubt have trouble replacing him” says armed forces minister of France, Florence Parly on Thursday September 17 during a press briefing.

The United States placed a $5million bounty for anyone who had information on his arrest after his masterminded killing of these four soldiers.

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Source: Washington Post

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