France suspends military cooperation with Ethiopia as conflict in Tigray intensifies

France has suspended her military cooperation with Ethiopia. The deal agreed between French President, Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed March was suspended early July 2021, two official sources disclosed the news to AFP News Agency.

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Lots of Ethiopia’s international partners have continually expressed their dissatisfaction in increasing conflict in Northern Tigray. In the past years, Northern Ethiopia has been plunged into turmoil as conflict intensifies. Tigray region has been wracked by discord since November last year when the Prime Minister sent troops to topple the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front which dominated national politics close to three decades before Abiy Ahmed took office.

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In 2019, Abiy Ahmed was awarded Nobel Peace Prize for his role in helping to end the decades long conflict with neighbouring Eritrea. But things are very critical as his reputation and good deeds to humanity is at stake.

Ethiopia and France made an agreement in which France would loan $100milion to support landlocked Ethiopia’s ambition to build a navy.

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