Frank Lampard denies Roman Abramovich amidst crisis

Frank Lampard said he has no personal relationship with Roman Abramovich

● Frank Lampard denies Roman Abramovich amidst crisis

Frank Lampard denies former Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich of having any form of personal relationship with his former boss.

There have been several reports that Frank Lampard and his former boss, Roman Abramovich have had a personal relationship over these years but the former chelea player and coach said he hasn’t seen him in a while.

The Russian billionaire is currently having the hell of his entire life after British government froze all his assets. Including a club he built for 19years.

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Frank Lampard said “no, one of the questions asked early said whether I’m close to Roman Abramovich. I can quickly count the number of times I’ve seen him in the last many years. I’ve worked with Chelsea Football Club which was an absolute pleasure. I’ve worked with the club for 13years” Football Daily disclosed on twitter.

His statement caught much attention on social media especially from Chelsea fans. Below are some reactions on twitter.

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“always knew Steven Gerrard and Paul Scholes were better than you” Siilvacfc

“Where is the lie?. Tuchel recently admitted he only speaks with Marina and Cech regarding the team. Not all bosses are in the faces of their employees” Xavierfudel1

“This is snakeish. The moment Roman Abramovich is in trouble, Frank Lampard is acting like they were never friends. The lack of integrity he has shown since he became a Chelsea manager is disappointing” Ibzspeaks

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