Fulfill your military duty in Ukraine. If you die, you die for Russia and you’ll be in God’s kingdom – Patriarch Kirill (Video)

Leader of Russian orthodox church Patriarch Kirill has urged Russians chosen to fight in Ukraine to be steadfast in the Lord and know that their souls will be recieved by God when they die

Patriarch Kirill has been seen in countless videos endorsing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, something Pope Francis condemned on several occasions though he also at a point said the provocations of Nato triggered Russia.

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In a video posted on social media by Nextra TV, Patriarch Kirill is seen encouraging Russians to have faith because they’re doing it for God and country. According to him, even if things become very critical and they end up losing their lives, they should know they’re in heaven.

“Go bravely to fulfil your military duty. And remember that if you die for your country, you will be with God in his kingdom, glory and eternal life” he said in the viral video. What below

President Volodymyr Putin on Wednesday September 21 called for mobilisation. In a speech, Putin said 300,000 Russians will be fighting Ukraine. His statement minutes after caused so much panic and fear amongst Russians, making a number of them flee the country. As we speak, there are still traffic at border towns and airports according reports.

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Here’s another video of a Russian orthodox priest sprinkling holy water on mobilised Russian men before they depart for Ukraine.

Source: News247gh.com

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