G7 leaders mock Putin over bare-chested riding horse photo

Putin says he does not “want to hide from the bushes” when he’s on vacation

G7 leaders are currently in Germany holding the G7 annual summit. This year’s G7 summit is focused on discussing Russia Ukraine war

G7 leaders mock Putin in Germany. In a video trending on social media, the leaders are seen making mockery of Russian President Vladimir Putin

What is G7?

The G7 was formally a G8, a group of eight super powerful countries came together to form it. It is simply an inter-governmental political forum founded in 1997.

It comprises of the United States of America, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Germany and the European Union

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson jokingly said “Jackets on?, Jackets off?. Can we take our clothes off”

Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau responded “Let’s wait for the picture”

Boris Johnson “we all have to show that we’re tougher than Putin”

Justin Trudeau “we’re going to get the bare-chested horseback riding display”

Von der Leyen “oh yes, horseback riding is the best”

Johnson “We’ve got to show them our pecs”

A picture of Vladimir Putin bare-chested riding a horse went viral in 2009 when he was on vacation. The Russian President have been seen in countless pictures and videos bare-chested each time he was on vacation.

When asked in an interview by one Australian journalist, he said he always want to be comfortable while he enjoy nature, and does not want to hide anything.

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“When I am on vacation, I see no need to hide behind the bushes, and there is nothing wrong with that. Putin said in 2018

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