Gabaski reveals what Mo Salah told him that made him stop Mane’s penalty

Gabaski talks after Afcon2021

Gabaski reveals what Mo Salah told him that made him stop Mane’s Penalty

Egyptian goalkeeper Mohamed Abou Gabal popularly known as Gabaski has finally revealed what Mo Salah told him before he was able to save Sadio Mane’s penalty.

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Both Sadio Mane and Mo Salah have been friends for long. They both play for Liverpool so they know the tactics of each other all these years. There were public arguments as to which of them was going to lift the trophy Liverpool in Afcon2021: Sadio Mane and Mo Salah clash at Afcon finals

A penalty was awarded to Senegal just five minutes into the match after an Egyptian defender pulled Mane down. Before Mane could play the ball which was stopped by Gabaski, Mo Salah rushed to Gabaski and told him Sadio was going to shoot right. Seconds, Mane knew Salah was ‘selling him out’ to their keeper so he also rushed to them and told the Keeper he was going to shoot left according to news outlet, MBC Egypt.

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“Salah told me Mane would shoot to the right side. He is coming now because he knows what i am saying. Mane said to me, I will shoot on the left. Then Salah replied let’s see” Gabaski reveals

Gabaski managed to stop Mane’s penalty. Which means whatever he told him worked perfectly. They have been best friends and knew each other very well.

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The tournament is now over and it went in favour of Senegal. Gabaski stopped the penalty, which took the match to 90 minutes through to extra time, and to penalty shootout. And Mane redeemed himself by scoring this time. Both will continue at Liverpool.

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