Gayism is the order of the day in Ghana Prisons – Ex-convict

An ex-convict has made very shocking revelations concerning prisons in the country. According to him, most prisons in Ghana that are supposed to rehabilitate people and train convicts are becoming grounds for homosexuality and other social vices.

He reveals how he was arrested in Kumasi June 4, 2011 for drugs and was later transferred to Nsawam prison and what he witnessed was surprising. He revealed that, prison camps that are really supposed to to serve as deterrent and to reintegrate people into society is turning into a place for gayism and other bad deeds.

‘I thought Prison was a place that helps to change people from their bad deeds, but no, instead, it’s a ground that motivates one to do these bad deeds. What’s more deteriorating is gayism in prison. It is so rampant there. Usually longer serving prisoners poach the new ones and lure them into sleeping with them. They treat them nicely from the beginning so they’re unable to resist when it’s time to sleep with new prisoners. And prison officers are aware of everything that happens in there’s he said.

What’s your take on this? How can this trend change? Leave comments.

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