Germany pledge £1billion in its 2023 budget to support Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

The German government has pledged £1billion for Ukraine

German government from the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine faced so many criticisms from top Ukrainian officials for showing little support for the war-torn country. But going forward, that assertion died down as the largest European nation begun to send weapons to Ukraine. Hours ago, German government announced it was going to include Ukraine in it’s countries 2023 budget, and they are doing so by supporting with a £1billion package.

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According to reports, part of the funds will be used to protect Ukraine against Russian cyber attacks, and also to investigate war crimes Russian soldiers committed in Ukraine. The rest of the money will be used on military equipments to strengthen Ukrainian army. Experts already warned the war has high probability to entering 2023, which could further stretch longer if negotiations are not taking seriously. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky had earlier spoken to German Chancellor Scholz before the G20 summit begun.

“The German government has earmarked an extra 1billion euro ($1.03 billion) from its 2023 budget to support Ukraine, with money allocated to defending against Russian cyber attacks and collecting evidence of war crimes” Reuters reports.

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