Germany dumps Russia, seeks energy fortunes from Qatar

Germany secures long term energy deal with Qatar


Germany dumps Russia, seeks energy fortunes from Qatar after Ukraine’s invasion

The biggest economy in Europe want to depend less on Russian energy after the country invaded its neighbouring country, Ukraine nearly a month now.

Russia is Europe’s biggest supplier of oil and gas until this latest development. Many European nations are boycotting Russian products including Russian gas and oil. This will be a blow for Russia because the biggest economy in Europe is pulling out. And that could trigger the rest of Europe to follow suit.

The United Kingdom are also negotiating with United Arab Emirates after it imposed sanctions on Russia.

After series of negotiations with Qatar, Germany agreed to a long term liquified natural supply deal with Qatar. German authorities says they may “still need Russian gas this year but not in the future”

Russia is the largest supplier of gas to Germany but things will definitely change going forward because German authorities hint the country will less depend on Russia.

“Although we might still need Russian gas this year, in the future it won’t be so anymore. And this is the only start” Robert Habeck told Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim Hamad.

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