Germany needs 400,000 skilled immigrants annually to hold up with it’s labour workforce – reports

Germany currently has an aging population and needs young immigrants to fill its labour force

Germany needs 400,000 skilled immigrants annually to be able to keep up with her labour demand. One of Europe’s strong economic power house in dying need of immigrants to come and work according to Federal Labour agency.

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Germany needs skilled immigrants because of some key factors. The Agency revealed there’s an aging population and low birth rates which have resulted in outrageous shortages in the working population. What this simply means is that people are not dying and people are not giving birth enough to replace the old age population who are grown and are on retirement or will soon retire. In other words, Germany’s life expectancy ratio is extremely good.

The nation faces labour shortages unless it starts recruiting more skilled immigrants to replace old folks retiring from Germany’s aging workforce. Federal Labour Agency Chairman, Detlef Scheele told the Suddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) newspaper on Tuesday, cited in an article published by DW news.

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“The fact is Germany is running out of workers. We need 400,000 skilled immigrants per year, significantly more than in recent years. From nursing care and climate technicians to logisticians and academics, there will be a shortage of skilled workers everywhere. This is not about asylum but targeted immigration to fill gaps in the labour market” Scheele revealed

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