Germany returns artefacts taken from Africa during colonial rule (Video)

Berlin based Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation on Monday June 27, 2022 made negotiations of the return of African artefacts to Namibia, Cameroon and Tanzania

African artefacts simply are the modern and historical paintings, installations, sculptures and other forms of visual culture from indigenous African people

officials said “priceless artefacts looted from African nations during colonial period will be permanently returned” Aljazeera published

Some African artefacts stolen by France during colonial period in Benin were returned months ago. Benin President who spoke during the ceremony said the African artefacts symbolizes the identity of the African people and the return of these African artefacts to Benin is great news because it will help generations know their true identity.

“Your children, grandchildren and foreigners who come to your countries can see what has marked the history of your country”

Western countries like the United States, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands and many others have been asked to return African artefacts stolen centuries ago.

Here is a video documentary by Aljazeera

“The decision makes it clear that the issues of the return of items collected in a colonial context does not always come down to justice. The special significance in particular spiritual of the community it originated from may also justify return” Hermann Parzinger who is the foundations President said.

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The board approves the return 23 artefacts including tools, fashion items and jewellery. “Among the artefacts to be returned is a shell-studded statue of a mother goddess Ngonnso which holds great spiritual significance for the Nso people of Northwest Cameroon” the foundation added according to Aljazeera.

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