Government of Ghana are planning to assasinate me -Captain Smart alleges

Renowned broadcaster, Blessed God’s brain Smart popularly known as Captain smart says there’s a plot to arrest him

Renowned Ghana broadcaster, Blessed God’s brain smart has alleged that the government and the New Patriotic Party have made several attempts on his life.

Speaking on his Maakye Show on Onua TV which was monitored by news247gh, captain smart asserted this that the government, as part of its plans to harm him, will be arresting him in the course of the week.

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He said that the plan included him being in jail cell with someone planted to gravelly wound him.

He added that attempts being made on his life will not stop him from criticising the government because he is not afraid to die due to his Christian faith, which enjoins him to live Jesus.

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“I know that some people in government are currently plotting to implicate me and arrest me. The Intel I have is that they will put a knife in a a loaf of bread and bring it ot someone where they will be taking me for the person to use and wound me.

“I was just looking for a reason to believe and understand the issues, and Mt recent attack in Ada confirmed this. They took everything in the car.

“Every thief is afraid to die. I’m nkt a thief so I’m not afraid of death. What I want to tell Every politician in Ghana is that my life is the Holy spirit, and the holy spirit resides in Jesus, and Jesus is in God.You will not get me he said in Twi.

The journalist further stated that rather than making attempts on his life, the government should strive to resolve issues to raise better for Ghanians.

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