Ghana Police to prosecute prophets who prophesized on 31st night

Ghana Police to investigate and prosecute prophets who prophesized on 31st night

Ghana Police issued a directive to all prophets across

The police service prior December 31 sent a directive to all prophets through the media. The statement from the police service disallows prophecies, especially those that woud cause fear and panic among Ghanaians.

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Many prophets in the country usually give prophecies every 31st night to usher in next year. These prophetic messages are mostly about celebrities, politicians, businessmen and women and other prominent personalities in the country.

In as much as few of these prophetic messages are fake some very few of them do manifest. However, many Ghanaians do not find these prprophetic messages to be true. To them, they are just fake and meer predictions, purported to make money from people.

The elite class is a group of Ghanaians who do not believe in these messages.

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“We would like to caution that, the law on publication of information including prophecies that have the tendency to cause fear and panic or put people’s lives in danger is not limited to 31st December only, but should be adhered on a daily basis”

Read statement below


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