Ghana Revenue Authority chase Oswald’s teacher, Mrs. Appiah to pay ‘gift tax’

“I’m tired of receiving gifts” words of a nine year old boy Oswald whose letter to his mom to buy him some items for him on ‘our day’.

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According to him, he was actually tired yesterday after over 80 companies ran to his school, Christ Ambassadors School to present their gifts to him and his teacher, Mrs. Appiah.

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But according to Ghana Revenue Authority, Oswald is just 9years old and too young to pay tax but his teacher, Mrs. Appiah is definitely an adult and must pay her tax.

In an Instagram post, they revealed that she has to pay ‘gift tax’ and they will be coming for her very soon.

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“the boy is too young for gift tax but somebody should kindly tell Mrs. Appiah to get ready for us” they posted

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