Ghana soldiers on rampage, assault Wa residents on the streets (video)

In a video, the residents are seen beaten and slapped by soldiers. The soldiers terribly assault residents of Wa on the streets. One soldier is seen slapping and using his long soldier boots to kick one civilian in the gutter.

clestus Awuni who is the Public Relations officer of the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council narrates how he was assaulted by these soldiers including many others but he managed to film them. He revealed how they snatched his phones from him and continued to assault him.

“Before I could say jack, five of them just pounced on one cambo rider, slapping him beating him. That was when I said this is too much, if these people could do this, they can get away with it without any evidence so I picked my phone and filmed what they were doing. They said bring the phone so that we delete the video and they continue beating me. I toldthem there was nothingwrongin filming them” he sadly said

Here’s Mr Clestus Awuni telling the journalists how he was beaten

Reports have it that the soldiers assaulted the people because of a missing phone. Because of a missing phone, they went on rampage, assaulting people on the streets, including drivers of Taxis and Cambo drivers popularly known in Ghana as Pragyia.

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