Ghana tried to convince me to play but I was born in Spain, I love Ghana but I feel Spain – Inaki Williams rejects Black Stars

Ghana tried to convime to play but I was born in Spain, I love Ghana but I feel Spain – Inaki Williams.

Speaking on his decision to play for Ghana Black Stars, Inaki Williams insists on playing for Spain instead. According to him, there are players out there who are very interested to play for Ghana’s prestigious team but are denied so he wouldn’t like his call up to deny others that opportunity.

The player also believes he loves Ghana alot but he feels Spain because he was born there.

“Ghana tried to convince me but I was born in Spain, in Bilbao. I won’t ever forget my family roots but I feel Basque. I would be comfortable with Ghana, I’m sure but I shouldn’t be there. I admire and love Ghana. The culture, the food, tradition. My parents are from Accra and I really enjoy going” the footballer told The Guardian

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He continued “but i wasn’t born or raised there. My culture is here and there are players for whom it would mean more. I don’t think it would be right to take the place of someone who really deserves to go and who feels Ghana 100%”

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