Ghanaian Artists (Dope Nation Music Group) Drop Song Taking Shots At Political Parties In Ghana

A picture of the Ghanaian music stars of the dope nation group

Ghanaian music group dope nation have taken shots at political parties in Ghana in a new song titled NDC Vs NPP.

Dope Nation music group recently dropped a song addressing the ills and likes of political parties in Ghana.

The song titled NDC Vs NPP talked about the tricks political parties use to deceive the general public.

A short clip of the song showed two well dressed politicians yelling at each other in a debate and later hanging out as friends.

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The song discussed how political parties in the country deceive the public by fighting each other in the sight of the public but hang out as friends behind scenes and.

With the current hardship in the country, the grouped tried telling a story with their song that appealed to the masses and advised them not to trust and like politicians and their analysis. The song urges folks to choose wisely.

The song has captured the attention of the media.

The dope nation group is made up of two brother’s who in turn are identical twins named Micheal Boafo and Tony Boafo. The music group has made popular songs like “Zenabu and Naami”.

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