Ghanaian man narrate how he landed in prison after he ate stolen cooked rice (video)

In a video, young Ghanaian man explains how he landed in jail for eating stolen cooked food. The young man told his sad story to Crime Check Foundation in the presence of some prison officers.

According to him, he was very hungry so he went to a certain women’s kitchen and ate her cooked rice. he was later arrested because the woman had spotted him and called for his arrest.

‘I didn’t steal the rice cooker but I took the rice in it. It was cooked rice that I stole to eat and that’s what landed me in prison. I pleaded with them for mercy and tried to let them understand that I was not a robber but they did not listen to me. I was hungry and took the rice from the rice cooker and the woman made the police arrest me. I was in the police cell for two weeks and the CID came and took me to court and the judge sentenced me” the young man sadly told Crime Check Foundation.

Crime Check Foundation is a non profit organisation that ‘supports prisoners who have become victims of questionable justice delivery, especially inmates from poor backgrounds without access to any form of legal support’ they explained.

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