Ghanaian millionaire advice men to be responsible enough to not depend on their wives salaries (Video)

McDan tells men to face every responsibility as men instead of sharing bills with their wives. The Ghanaian millionaire revealed this on father’s day

Ghanaian millionaire McDan of McDan Group of Companies is in the news after this year’s father’s day celebrations

The Ghanaian millionaire believe every man must take up his responsibilities as the head. According to the Ghanaian millionaire, it is very irresponsible for a man to share his wife’s salary with her.

He revealed most men nowadays want to marry women who are well to do; women who are able to pay their bills. And to him, he finds it very strange and serious because as a man, you should be up and doing.

Dr. Daniel Mckorley explained further, saying even if your woman insists of paying the bills, you should do everything possible to stop her.

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“Your wife’s salary is her salary. Don’t come home and fight your wife because she can afford to pay the fees. Even if she is paying the fees, try to take it over. You are the man, be seen to be very responsible” Dr Daniel Mckorley stated.

The Ghanaian business mogul also said “he’s very particular about it because a lot of fathers lately are marrying because they want women to pay their bills”

Watch video below posted on twitter by Multimedia.

In as much as many agree with his assertions, some netizens believe responsibility in marriage should not be a burden for one partner. Many are of the view that as couple, both parties should always come together to support one another.

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