Ghanaians blast John Dumelo for pricing a tuber of yam at 12gh in Accra

Many Ghanaian social media users were not happy with John Dumelo after the entrepreneur priced his farm produce at 12gh

John Dumelo posted a message on his twitter feed, announcing to his followers the arrival of his farm produce (tubers of yam) in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

Who is John Dumelo?

He is a Ghanaian entrepreneur, a movie actor, a farmer and a politician. He ventured into agriculture barely 5years ago after developing interest in farming.

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In as much as many applaud him for his hard work and passion for farming, some think his market price for a tuber of yam is too expensive. Mind you his market price is just 20 cent above a dollar as of September 25th. So maybe, just maybe its a cool price however, criticisms were also necessary because of how things are hard these days, that the ordinary Ghanaian can’t afford. Ghana’s Inflation is rather on the high, making commodities very expensive. This makes life very difficult for the ordinary Ghanaian.

“my second set of yams (Pona) just arrived in Accra. Anyone want some? Pls send a dm. Thanks John posted.

Social media reactions

Pona is 5gh in Ashiaman, you’re the reason why Ghana is hard cuz you’re NDC man you want the government to look bad – NellyFoster00

Just yesterday i bought 4 pona for 20gh – Naanadufrimpon2

One tuber of yam for 12gh why John -bonds_owen

Here’s his post Below

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