Ghanaians in dilemma after one social media user question the multiplication of man when Adam and Eve didn’t conceive after Cain killed Abel

One social media user has caused controversy online after he questioned the multiplication of man when Cain killed his brother Abel and left the scene to another land according to the Bible.

According to the user, Adam and Eve didn’t give birth again after Abel died “so how did they multiply if Adam and Eve didn’t give birth again” he asked.

According to him, Cain killed his only brother and left to another land so how did they multiply if Adam and Eve didn’t have more children. But his question has been answered in many ways which is making people to even be more confused.

One user explained that, “satan never mated with Eve, he had a wife (LilIth)” she revealed but couldn’t explain further.

Another user has this to say. “Adam and Eve didn’t give birth to Cain, satan mated with Eve and born Cain. Ask yourself why Cain has negative vibes all over him when Abel was vice versa” he questioned

But the whole thing even gets more confusing if you want to go deeper into spiritual things especially from the very beginning. Maybe somethings are better left unsaid or answered because the more you try to go deeper, the more you get lost. So certain things are very difficult to comprehend and should be left the way they’re. Just like the explanation of this very user

But seekers and those who love to do research won’t stop until they get some answers. For now, we leave things here, the way they’re, as curiosity is what will kill the cat one day.

Yes let’s leave them to continue with their arguments but you can share your knowledge with us by leaving with as a message. Personally, I know Adam and Eve bore many other children.

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