Ghanaians on Rampage As Shatta Wale Blasts FTC Campaigners

Self-acclaimed King of dancehall music, Shatta Wale is in headlines following his insulting attack on fix the country campaigners.

Charles Nii Armah, as his naturally called, took to social media to express his opinion on the FTC campaign.

He said, “educated fools and disappointed graduates saying #Fixthecountry. Fix yourself cheap thinkers.”

Ghanaians on social media did not take it lightly on the dancehall artiste. They showered Wale with rains of insults.

The FTC has resulted to the death of one man by name Kaaka at Ejuara. Reports indicate that the young man was killed by Mobs.

Kaaka’s death brought uproar at Ejuara. Ejuara natives clashed with Ghana Armed Forces which resulted to the death of two other people.

In fact, many Ghanaians were calling the likes of Shatta Wale and Sarkodie to add their voices in this campaign but none of them has heeded to the call.

Shatta Wale has rather gone contrary to the campaign and attributed the cause of bad governance to the youth.

He said, “As for Ghana, the problem is us the youth. We can’t stand up and fight for our right. Nonesense.

Everyday typing online. Massa that no go solve anything ooo. Rise and fight and stop writing this nonesense Essays !! Mek I tink.

After uttering these words to the Ghanaian population, he received loads of insult. The dancehall artiste replied his critics with another blow.

He said, “See fools with comments calling themselves my fans on social media ,come on the street where my real fans will fight blood for blood.

Stop fooling on social media and find a life !!! Where were you when The shatta movement was fighting for change in this fucken system! Don’t make I bore come LIVE !!”

Shatta is doing all he can to make people understand his meaningless statement but none of his explanations is ringing a bell.

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