Lady dumps boyfriend for refusing to buy dinner for 18 of her friends on her birthday (Video)

A young man was humiliated on her girlfriend’s birthday after she ordered him to buy food for all her friends

Video of a young lady who asked her boyfriend to buy dinner for her friends on her birthday has gone viral on social media

The young man was very surprised when he saw about 18 female friends of his girlfriend who turned up for her birthday.

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The boyfriend was heard in the video rejecting his girlfriend’s offer to buy food for all her 18 friends.

“I’m done with this relationship, it’s my birthday you should have went all out” the young lady argues, insists he didn’t fulfil his responsibilities.

The young man who was embarrassed at a point frankly asked her 18 friends why they couldn’t feed themselves.

“it’s 18 of your friends, why don’t you guys pay for all your food?” He asked.

watch video below

The video caught the attention of netizens as they argue among themselves. With majority condemning the actions of the young lady and her 18 friends.

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