Watch: Goldmine collapse in Niger, killing at least 25

Goldmine collapse in Niger, killing at least 25 people

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A very devastating report reaching has it that at least 25 people have perished in a gold mining incident in Niger. Reports that the cave which locals went to mine collapsed at a point, killing at least 25.

The tragic incident occurred in Kwandago community. Dozens of people in the community normally visit the place on regular basis to mine with their bare hands. Most of these locals are from very poor backgrounds and the discovery of gold in that part of Niger is a big win to many but many of them risk their lives on daily basis, digging deep just to make earns meat

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Below is a video confirming the goldmine landslide in Niger and how people are still trapped.

Over 100 people are still trapped according to eyewitnesses. “On daily basis close to 1000 people crosses tye border from Katsina in search of gold in the area” eye witness revealed.

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25 people bodies have been retrieved so far. Authorities say dozens may be dead as such is still ongoing


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