Google blocks Russian state media from making money on its platforms

Google blocks Russian state media from making money online

Google domonetize Russian state media outlets and ban them from running ads

Tech giant Google has demonetized Russian state media outlets and banned them from running ads as Russian offensive in Ukraine escalate.

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The tech giant has disabled all monetization capabilities for state funded Russian media. The country’s precious YouTube revenue stream is also blocked.

“In response to the war in Ukraine, we are pausing Google monetization of Russian state funded across our platforms. We are actively monitoring developments and will take further steps if necessary” the company’s spokesperson said.

The move becomes necessary after its subsidiary, YouTube announced it has blocked certain Russia media channels from making money on the world’s biggest video platform.

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“Our terms have started to pause the ability for certain channels to monetize on YouTube, including RT’S YouTube channel globally. in light of extraordinary circumstances in Ukraine, we’re taking a number of actions. As always, our terms are continuing to monitor closely for new developments, including evaluating what any new sanctions and export controls may mean for YouTube” the statement said.

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