Government of Ethiopia declares State of emergency as war intensifies

Government of Ethiopia declares State of emergency as war intensifies

Reports reaching has it that Government of Ethiopia has declared a state of emergency as war intensifies in its Tigray region. Rebels in this region have refused to surrender. They have vowed to fight to the last drop of their blood. The girl child and pregnant women are being raped and people are being killed.

United Nations reports signalled humanitarian catastrophe looming in Ethiopia if stringent measures are not taken. UN officials were declared as ‘persona non grata’ months ago. Read more Ethiopia expels 7 top UN officials for meddling in its internal affairs

Hours ago, President Biden’s administration suspended duty-free access for Ethiopia as war intensifies. The suspension also includes Mali and Guinea. Biden letter to Congress emphasized that it would

“suspend duty-free access for Ethiopia, Mali, Guinea to U.S markets citing human rights violations” Reuters

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Sudan coup leader, General Burhan place Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok under house arrest after the military besiege his home

“Today, Ethiopia has been delisted from AGOA. This devastating news will negatively impact hundreds of thousands of lives, and we urge the Joe Biden administration to work with the Ethiopian government to reverse this decision” a statement from American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee stated minutes after the suspension.

United Nations has accused Ethiopian government of limiting or not allowing UN officials to probe into the atrocities and crimes commited in Tigray reports say. Government of Ethiopia earlier urged citizens in Addis Ababa to arm themselves, as rebels from Northern Tigray region advance towards South.

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