Graduates from Cornell, Cambridge university are more qualified than Ho Poly & other university graduates in Ghana – Aku Akuffo

One Aku Akuffo is under intense pressure after comparing some universities abroad to most Ghanaian universities. According to aku Akuffo, people who study in Cornell, Columbia and cambridge university work so hard to earn these degrees and for that matter, they deserve jobs they’re very qualified for when they return to Ghana.

Aku Akuffo went ahead to compare some local technical universities in the country, mentioning HO Poly technical university as a typical example.

We have ministers who speak and the entire nation cringes. Education is a valuable asset people. But sure let’s pretend that a young man’s cambridge and Cornell degrees were picked over your cousin’s Ho Poly certificate because….’elitism’

He went ahead to explain further

his utterances sparked controversy so social media. And many Ghanaians are not just happy

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