Harry Maguire hangs out with River Rhodes who is undergoing radiotherapy treatment (Video)

Maguire meets River Rhodes

Harry Maguire hangs out with River Rhodes who is undergoing radiotherapy treatment

Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire recently hanged out with River Rhodes. River have been battling with cancer for sometime now and is undergoing a radiotherapy treatment.

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Captain of the English club encourages little River to stay strong while he goes through a successful treatment. In a video, Harry Maguire and River Rhodes played football together while they both have a nice conversation.

“Absolute pleasure to meet this legend today. a great chat and even better kick about. Thanks River, stay strong. The captain posted on his twitter page.

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Watch video below

Harry Maguire and River Rhodes

The video has since gone viral and its what everyone is talking about. In as much as many Manchester United fans believe it to be a nice gesture, some also say its for publicity stunt and for personal glory

Here are some reactions

“True gestures of kindness should never be posted as it looks like a PR stunt. I hope this young man makes a full recovery. But of your intention was to use this chap to buy some sympathy votes, then it’s it’s shameful act and the timing of the post points to that” (nigel_dowd)

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