Harvard College rescinds admission to student based on his social media posts

Harvard College has terminated the admission of a student for posting contents that do not appropriately represent the school’s conducts.

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Like a normal practice for a student to check his admission status on frequent basis, this particular student also did same. Upon waiting, he decided to check his email, only to be faced with disappointment.

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He received a letter from Harvard College, alerting him that his admission to one of the prestigious Universities in the world has been terminated.

“Dear student, it is with a heavy heart to inform you that you are being terminated from Harvard. This comes as a result of speculating of your social media account and we believe that you do not transmit a good representation of the school” the school noted in the letter.

Here’s a screenshot of the letter

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As youth, we must be careful of what content we post on social media as it may have consequences in the future.

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