Has The Glazers ownership of Manchester United Managed The Club Properly,While Keeping The Club In Debt?

First following recent seasons of Manchester United failure to win trophies Manchester United fans are prostesting that the ownership should be sold out.

The Glazers family are not new into the sport ownership business they bought the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1995.

TB Buccaneers Valuation;

  • 1995: $192 million
  • 2022: $3.3 billion

That’s a 1,618% gain, and it led them to a com plate a takeover of Manchester United in 2005.

A Picture of The Glazers

But rather than use a healthy mix of cash and debt. The Glazers family funded tge billion dollar purchase via a hostile takeover and leverage buyout.

That plunged the club into $1.2 billion debt.

Manchester United debt;

  • 2005: $0
  • 2006: $1.2 billion
Picture of Manchester United gross debt

The problem is that the Glazers have not used the debt as growth capital to fund a new stadium or financially support their youth academy.

Instead it’s opposite. Manchester United has not won the Premier league in a decade now and there historic stadium is breaking down.

Manchester United titles;

  • 1992-2012: 13
  • 2013-2022: 0

While Manchester United team has been struggling on the field, the Glazers family is still making absolute killing.

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The Glazers family has sold nearly $700 million of stocks since the club IPO in 2012.

Manchester United pays out a dividend and since the Glazers still own about 70% of the club they also take home about $20 million in annual dividend payments.

Not only is MUFC the only Premier league club to pay shareholders dividends but when you add in interest payments, debt repayment, board of director fees and management fess it’s estimated that the Glazers have cost the club about $1.3 billion.

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SwissRamble provided the data below

Despite spending a billion dollars on interest payment over the last 14 years, MUFC total debt sits almost identical to where it did in 2006.

Manchester United Debt;

  • 2005: £0 million
  • 2006: £604 million
  • 2022: £596 million

And their stock is down from its 20212 IPO price.

While other clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea And Astin Villa have seen their owners collectively invest more than $2 billion of their personal money into their clubs.

The Glazers has done the opposite to Manchester United. With the Glazers pulling about $1.3 billion out of the club.

Manchester United has spent more than $1.5 billion on players over the last decade, but they aren’t winning matches and the club infrastructure is crumbling.

Thousands of fans are protesting online and rumour saying the Glazers might sell the club.

Manchester United is worth $5 billion today which would be the highest price ever paid for a sport team.

Instead this is a cautionary tale about what can happen when wealthy individuals buy an iconic club franchise with sole goal of financial appreciation.

Manchester United will always be an iconic team and the Glazers know that but their fans deserve better.

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