Head of Russian Wagner group Prigozhin says he’ll run for President of Ukraine to unseat Zelensky (Video)

Prigozhin in a live video confirmed his intentions to run for President

Head of Wagner group Prigozhin believe he is the right man for the Ukrainian top job, as he confirmed his candidacy status in a video.

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Wagner group is a Russian militant group who are currently actively involved in the Russian Ukrainian war. Russian government have deployed several Wagner militants to fight against Ukraine under the watch of the group leader Prigozhin. There have been reports of the Wagner group recruiting militants from prisons. Read more: Zambia authorities demand answers after a student prisoner died fighting for Russia in Ukraine

“I am making a political coming out, loudly speaking so everyone can hear. Just now looking at everything around me, I have political ambitions” he stated, saying he has “decided to run for President, for President of Ukraine. I will run for that office with Poroshenko and Zelensky” he revealed.

According to him, everything happening in Ukraine right now will be a thing of the past if he becomes President, asking the Ukrainian people to massively vote for him.

“If I win the election for President of Ukraine, then everything will be fine guys. Ammunition will not be needed”

Watch full video posted by Visegrad below

Wagner head Prigozhin

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