Holy spirit helped me quit masturbation – MOG Music

MOG music revealed how he masturbated for five years to the extent that he thought he was possessed

Ghanaian gospel musician open up on some habits he developed growing up. According to him, he masturbated throughout his Senior High School days

MOG Music made this confession on The Delay Show days ago. The Ghanaian gospel musician revealed how he got addicted to masturbation and even got caught by his father in the act but still couldn’t quit.

MOG explained how it started after his old friend introduced it to him, and told him there was no need to have sex when you masturbate.

“He showed me how to masturbate and why I wouldn’t need to have sex to feel okay. I masturbated throughout secondary school”

He told Delay how it got worse after he gave his life to Jesus Christ. “When I gave my life to Christ, the desire became strong. It was very serious. I confided in our prayers secretly on campus. A pastor I confided in also declared 21 days but it didn’t work” he said

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One day he felt the urdge to masturbate but after he went to his bathroom, something extraordinary happened. He prayed fervently and begged God to help him because he had become so addicted to masturbation and wanted to stop at all costs.

“when I get the urge, I behave like one who is possessed. If I don’t masturbate, I can never rest. One day, I had a strong urge to masturbate. So I went to the bathroom and put soap on my palms ready to apply. Then the feeling of regret came over me. I prayed a sincere prayer to the Holy spirit. A strong wind entered the room and passed through me. I felt it pull something out of me. I could see something leaving me and that was the end of my masturbation”

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