How 19year old Salvadoran bought a house using bitcoin

How 19year old El Salvadoran became a house owner


How 19year old Salvadoran bought a house using bitcoin merchant account or bitcoin merchant services.

Galdamez Ismael is a 19year old Salvadoran entrepreneur who made his fortune from bitcoin

Here’s how he made it. It all started from El Zonte where he lives. He was a squatter living in a metal shed but that changed over time. He’s now a home owner.

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According to New story Charity, 19year old Galdamez Ismael was at the beach when he saw a man selling shaved ice. He asked the man where he normally buy his ice. The man told him he purchased it from the nearest town which is about 30 minutes away.

The man’s answer was an eye opener. Ismael saw a new business opportunity so he bought a freezer which cost him only $200.

“I started to make the ice and I told them i would, I will sell you the ice”

He later started his own branded company (UNDER WATER) after noticing there were a lot of tourists coming to his town. And one main product of his company is teaching surf lessons. But the most interesting is this; Ismael accepts bitcoin payments for all his businesses. And he did that with bitcoin merchant services or bitcoin merchant account.

Ismael is among 70% of salvadans who are unbanked. So before cryptocurrency he didn’t actually have a means to collect digital payments. And there is no way he was going to own a house because he wasn’t credit wealthy. All that is past now. Galdamez is now enjoying his home. Congratulations to him.

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