How a bracelet found on one of 440 bodies in Izyum is serving as a voice against Russian genocide

Russian Federation led by President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Since then, there have been several genocidal and inhumane atrocities caused by Russian soldiers as they continue to kill innocent civilians

Several mass graves have been discovered in Ukrainian towns, cities and villages since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The recent one was Izyum where about 440 bodies were exhumed on September 16, 2022 by Ukrainian authorities. A blue and yellow bracelet was found on the wrist of one of 440 Ukrainian killed and dumped in the mass grave in Izyum as Russian genocide in Ukraine continue to cause much pain and agony to families.

Mass graves were discovered in Bucha and other Ukrainian cities months ago.

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The recent case of Izyum may just be worse.

Several activists across the world including political, military figures have all condemned Russia’s actions in Izyum. French President Emmanuel Macron, US Security Antony Blinken were among world leaders who added their voices to the tragic incident.

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Note that these pictures are not our own and we do not take credit for them . Most of them were saved on twitter.

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Here are videos and pictures of 440 bodies exhumed at Izyum just hours after the city was liberated by Ukrainian soldiers. Among the bodies were Ukrainian women, men, children and soldiers.

Here are some reactions

“Reports of a mass grave with 440 men, women and children in Izyum, Ukraine are heartbreaking and should galvanize our support to the brave Ukrainians seeking to liberate their homeland. We stand with Ukraine in pursuing accountability for these crimes” Antony Blinken


Ukrainian journalists and activists have launched a campaign online where lots of people have begun making a blue and yellow bracelet ribbon around their wrists

A Ukrainian defender of democracy, Oleksandra Matviichuk started the campaign. Her message went viral on twitter when she said “you do not need to be Ukrainian to support Ukraine. You just need to be a human. Just as our solidarity is stronger than any cruelty, let’s launch a flash mob”

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There have several posts on social media of people using the blue and yellow bracelets which signify colours of the Ukrainian flag as against Russian aggression.

Here’s the influence

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