How China is working with Russia to take the global order – top Chinese envoy explains

The bilateral relationship between Russia and China is such a remarkable one. Both countries have been very good friends for centuries. But how is their relations like in recent times?

In as much as countries like the United States and many others saw and warned ahead of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, it still remained a shock to the world. Many could not believe that they could wake up one morning to see a neighboring country butchering her sister country, something China has not condemned but sitting on the fence.

But how does China see Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?

A top Chinese official earlier describe Russia as their “chief strategist” in the world. China also said the best way to resolve the ongoing war between the two countries was through dialogue instead of supplying weapons to Ukraine to fight Russia. China still exports goods to Russia and Chinese companies are still doing business in Russia while American and companies from Europe countries all boycott Russia.

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Another Chinese envoy, Yang at the Seventh Eastern Economic Forum Vladivostok last week revealed that Russia and China have a very good relationship and talks between the two counties yielded positive results. Yang said “china is willing to work with Russia to take the global order in a more just and reasonable direction” according to

“The Chinese side is willing to work with the Russian side to continuously implement high-level strategic cooperation between the two counties, safeguard common interests and promote the development of the international order in a more just and reasonable direction”

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