How did Ukraine Navy sink Russian warship Moskva?

The Black Sea Fleet flagship warship Moskva is great treasure for Russia. Now, its all gone.

Russian government denied claims its flagship warship Moskva was taken down by Ukraine military.

Russian Black Sea Fleet flagship Moskva sank on April 15 after Ukraine military fired two Neptune missiles. Though its yet to be officially confirmed by Russian government, many believe Ukraine military surely struck the powerful warship.

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Early reports has it that a brilliantly effective combination of tactics, strategy the exploitation of its own capabilities, combined with awareness of Russian weaknesses.

Russian flagship warship Moskva was reportedly struck by Ukrainian designed anti ship cruise missiles.

Reports suggest the attack took place during a storm, which made flying difficult but also helps to conceal shore based activity from observation. And Russian military couldn’t have seen preparations of the Ukrainian Navy.

It is reported that the Ukrainian Navy used Bayraktar TB-2 drone to distract the Moskva. The Ukrainian Navy introduced TB-2s into service in August 2021.

“It is possible the Ukrainian military used a TB-2 to identify and target the Moskva of the Neptune battery. Or it could have been a sacrificial pawn to distract the cruiser or both” Chris Wiki on twitter explains.

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Chris Wiki on twitter (ChrisO_wiki) also explains why Russian military couldn’t see the incoming missiles

“The Moskva has had a single main air defence, a 3P41 Volna phased array to guide S300 missile. The Problem is it only has a 180 degree field of vision”

“360 degree coverage is provided by MR-800 Voshkod/Top pair 3-D long range air search air raders for shorter range SA-8 missiles. But its likely that in the storm, they couldn’t distinguish the sea-skimming Neptunes from the wavetops”

So it’s likely that the Ukrainian military purposely got the Moskva to point its best rader in the wrong direction while the Neptunes sneaked under the coverage of the other raders

Source: Chris Witi.

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